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Advocacy in dealing wth disabilities is very important in communites, wards, districts and the province.


The Wau Waria district has signed MOUs with seven partners for development of the district.


A shortage of medical drugs in some rural health posts in Morobe have seen patients being given prescriptions to buy themselves at pharmacies in town, according to an official. 


The K160 million district budget for the newly established Wau Waria in Morobe was officially launched by the Prime Minister James marape in Wau Town on Friday. 


Wau Waria district in Morobe Province launched its five-year development plan last Friday. 


Earth moving equiptment for Wau Waria District is been used to start work on roads in the district


Small business owners in Morobe say there is very little awareness on taxation, especially in rural areas


The newly created Wau Waria district will be the third in the country to implement the Bilum Digital Platform 


The Wau-Waria DDA is partnering with The Voice to send a team to Harvard University to undertake a problem-driven iterative course.


An elderly man from far-flung Agotome village of Mawae tribe upstream Waria River has been grieving the loss of sight for almost 15 years.


As one of the seven newly established districts in the country, Wau-Waria is the first to hold its district consultative development forum from July 27-30


The five-year development plan for Wau Waria district will be formulated in the next two weeks


Morobe's Wau-Waria is rolling out two milestone projects to improve communications


Development in Wau-Waria is taking shape and people there need to make peace with each other to see these developments come to fruition


Hon Marsh Narawec, MP for the new Wau Waria District, talks about the Development Forum and its importance