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West New Britain
CEO - Melchior Babo
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Great inclusion. The layout is simple and easy to understand. Numerous proposed Objectives . Keep Up the Good initiative ❤️❤️❤️🙏😁

Blaise Reu (not verified) , June 2023

Great development plan Talasea DDA

Jake Mckibben (not verified) , August 2023

Good to see some Development are takin place in our District. 3years more to go so we can complete this 5years plan cycle.

Robert (not verified) , September 2023


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Latest News


The Community Papa Group of Garu Village Ward 10 are the recipient of the Lucas Sawmill courtesy of the Talasea District Development Authority Board . The presentation signified the launching of the District's Community Housing project in Garu on Sunday on 22nd October 2023.


Talasea DDA Board sponsored 48 of the youths graduating today including 1 female a mobile Crain operator. An MOA was signed by the Talasea DDA and Mapex Training Institute to pave way for more youths to come through this program. 


New Classroom launched at Kimbe Junior High School funded by the Talasea District Development Authority at a total cost of K240,000. 


The Dagi Land Settlement Scheme or the LLS Rural Electrification Project was launched today by the Member for Talasea, Freddie Reu Kumai. The project is funded by the Talasea DDA Board to the tune of K1.8 million and will see power connected from the main PNG Power Grid into the Dagi LSS blocks. 


Lambe Village Ward 7 Vitu Island Elementary School double classroom progressing well. Funded by DSIP.