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CEO - John Orebut
Score: 43/100
Number of user votes: 5

To find out more about the scoring system please see our About page


Not yet supplied
7223 5070

Key documents

Five year plan (not supplied)
Annual budget (not supplied)
Aquittal report (not supplied)
Inspection report (not supplied)
Audit report (not supplied)
All DDAs have been asked to supply Key Documents. If any are not available, please contact the DDA directly.

Historical documents

No historical documents available for this DDA yet.


How come this district is ranked first but documents such as 5 Year Development Plan, Audit Report, etc .. not presented!!! 不不不不不不不不....
Admin reply: Yes, it is currently ranked first but only has a score of 42 out of 100. Just shows how poorly all the other DDAs are scoring!

Concerned PNGn (not verified) , September 2023

Please kindly provide the criteria used to rank the DDAs. Other DDAs provide all the necessary key documents such as annual budget and acquittal reports etc.
Admin reply:
Yes, all DDAs must make public the public documents.

Criteria used to rank the DDA can be found in the "About" section under DDA Watch, titled "The DDA Watch Scoring System"
Go to:
DDA Website Home page > About > DDA Watch > The DDA Watch Scoring System
The maximum rating score for each DDA is 100 points.
70 points are awarded on the public availability of key documents from the DDA that is automated as soon as documents are available.
30 points is a public score from the general public.
The steps to guide you on how to score your DDA are found in the " resource section" Scroll down to "How to Guide"
Go to: Resource > (scroll down to) How to Guide > Download pdf on "how to score your DDA"

Anonymous (not verified) , September 2023

Can you give me report on how my district Finchaffen is performing?

Kelly Kayanga (not verified) , November 2023

No requested documents and yet ActNow has ranked Wau-Waria DDA 2nd? This is fishy. Also, these documents should not be the measure of performance as they do not reflect the true development of the district. These documents are used as indicators to measure the level of "citizen access to government information", citizen participation and empowerment on one hand, and government accountability on the other hand. Therefore, to say that documents are measures of the overall performance of a DDA is misleading and false.
Administration Response:

DDA Watch aims to promote transparency and good governance.

The rating score and ranking does NOT reflect a comprehensive evaluation of the performance and effectiveness of a DDA or the quality of the services in a particular District. The score and ranking is merely an indicator of how a DDA rates against a set list of transparency and good governance indicators.
The rating score assesses the performance of each DDA against a number of fixed criteria as listed below and also incorporates a public satisfaction element key Indicators that shows transparency and good governance.

This fixed criteria are:
Current five year development plan - 10 points
Current annual budget - 10 points
Acquittal report (previous year) - 10 points
DIRD Inspection report (max 2 years old) - 10 points
Audit report (max 3 years old) - 10 points
Functioning email address - 10 points
Postal address - 5 points
Contact phone number - 5 points

Wau waria scored 43 points and ranks second in the country. 43/100 score is even below the half score of 50 points and when ranked second speaks alot for itself. It shows that the key public documents (fixed criteria to rank the DDAs) for all districts in PNG is inaccessible or not available. How do we account for DSIP funds without this documents?

All DDAs are encouraged to submit their plans, budgets, acquittals, inspection reports and audits and to provide their contact details for inclusion on the website - contact form.

Please click on this link to know about DDA scores and ranking : ( )

Xavier Winnia (not verified) , April 2024

To my astonishment I see my District in second place in the country DDA ranking and I'm humble. As a very new constituence we have produce results beyond the expectations and it's a promising sign. All the Credits goes back to chrismatic leadership platform provided by Hon Masrh Narewec and Wau Waria District Administration ( WWDA). Job well done keep on serving our people of Wau Waria.

Rodney W MAX (not verified) , April 2024


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